Marine Power Systems are experts in diagnosing faults within engine and propulsion drive systems. Our detailed technical knowledge and range of specialist test and inspection equipment allows us to perform diagnostic procedures, equal to or better than the OEM. We take pride that we are able to offer this service and continue to invest heavily in training and equipment to keep up with current trends.


Our diagnostic software allows us to interrogate engine ECUs from all of the major manufacturers. Using this system we are able to check for fault codes, check running parameters, perform diagnostic tests and read engine running history. This capability is essential when working with modern, electronically controlled and common-rail engines as found on many luxury yachts.

diagnostic software


Marine Power Systems also own a range of test and inspection equipment that help diagnose mechanical faults on diesel engines. An Olympus articulating videoscope allows engine internals to be inspected without the removal of major components. Using the videoscope, our trained staff can check wear patterns on the inside of cylinder liners, inspect piston crowns and turbochargers for damage and ascertain levels of carbon deposits on valves and manifolds. With the aid of this equipment, we can identify the current condition of any engine and make recommendations that will assist with maintenance scheduling. Using this technology is much quicker and cheaper than strip-down methods and lessens the likelihood of inducing further problems.


Defects on the propulsion driveline system can cause noise, vibration, engine overload and accelerated wear of shaft bearings and seals. These defects are often incorrectly diagnosed, leading to unnecessary expense and stress for the vessel owner. Marine Power Systems have been involved in many high profile investigations and repairs of driveline systems and we pride ourselves on providing a level of service that cannot be matched.

Our TorqueTrak telemetry system allows us to accurately measure a number of parameters on the driveline such as:

  • Main engine power output
  • Shaft torque and power measurements
  • Losses through a gearbox or shaft bearing
  • Shaft thrust applied to the thrust bearing/gearbox
  • Bending strain on the shaft during rotation
  • Torsional vibrations

One of the most common uses of this system is to investigate instances of apparent engine overload or lack of performance. 

For noise/vibration related defects our laser alignment equipment allows us to check alignment of engine, gearbox and shaft bearings.

When it comes to propulsion system diagnostics, there is no other company in the South Pacific that can match the technical knowledge, ability and specialist test equipment of Marine Power Systems, a fact that we are happy to stake our reputation on. If you are experiencing issues with your propulsion system or diesel engine, contact us today to get an accurate diagnostic check.