Watchkeeper is an embedded monitoring system designed to allow vessel operators, owners and maintenance crew to view real-time telemetry from the vessel’s machinery and support systems. Watchkeeper protects your vessel by continually monitoring key parameters and alerting operators/shore crew if any defects or deteriorating condition is recognized.¬†

Features and Benefits

  • Fully autonomous, requires no input from crew
  • Integrated data logging system records parameters and uploads the data at a user defined time
  • Watchkeeper communicates to shore staff via mobile data or satellite
  • Alerts operators and owners to defects via SMS or email
  • Live data can be accessed from remote allowing shore staff to schedule tasks such as refueling and maintenance¬†
screenshot exhaust temperatures


  • Pressure, temperature and RPM sensors
  • Fuel consumption measurements
  • Shaft torque and power measurements
  • GPS tracking and speed over ground (SOG)
  • Exhaust thermocouple measurement, individual cylinders and before/after turbocharger(s)
  • Tank levels, eg diesel, ballast
  • Intruder detection alert
  • Separate wheelhouse/bridge readout with touchscreen display
  • Data upload and alerts via email/SMS
  • Backed up by a full data analysis and support package
Exhaust temperatures

Watchkeeper vessel monitoring systems are custom designed and installed for your particular vessel and requirements. Almost any boat/ship can be retrofitted with the watchkeeper system.

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