June 2017 – In preparation for a vessel repower, Marine Power Systems Ltd were asked to perform measurements of main engine power output on a fishing vessel. Measurements of this type identify the power and torque requirements of a given engine/gearbox and propeller combination. This is essential information which must be known when selecting a new engine and gearbox. This is especially true when the engine and gearbox may be rated at different speed and reduction ratios, as was the case with this project.

If you are planning a repower or have questions about how much power your engine is transmitting, Marine Power Systems Ltd can help. Using our Torque Trak 10K telemetry instrument, we can accurately measure power, torque and RPM of any rotating driveshaft. We can also use the same system to measure torsional vibrations throughout the drive system.

Click HERE to see real data gathered by our torque telemetry system.

Marine Power Systems Ltd are the only company in New Zealand to offer this service which sets us apart from all others. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.