Marine Power Systems Ltd can perform shaft power measurements on almost any rotating shaft. Using our TorqueTrak system shaft power can be measured in real time simply by attaching a small strain gauge and transmitter to the output shaft.

The system can be used to verify main engine output power, propeller absorbed power or losses through the driveline. Up to 2 measurements can be taken and recorded simultaneously. This is a very cost effective method of measuring shaft power and can save tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary diagnostic attempts. 


  • Verify main engine output on new-build vessels by measuring shaft power
  • Diagnose engine overload or underload conditions
  • Measure losses through gearboxes and shaft couplings

Aside from our marine uses, the system has a lot of industrial applications as it can be installed on virtually any driveshaft.

Examples of shaft power measurement work carried out in New Zealand:


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