Degraded performance can be difficult to detect and often goes unnoticed. This can result in higher fuel burn, lower power outputs and increased running costs. It is therefore essential to include a program of performance monitoring alongside traditional maintenance to help identify defects before they become failures.

Marine Power Systems offer the following performance monitoring services

  • Pre-maintenance trials to identify areas of concern
  • Post-maintenance trials to prove integrity and effectiveness of repairs
  • Shaft power/fuel consumption logging and analysis of vessel efficiency
  • Commissioning trials such as Harbour Acceptance Trials (HATs) and Sea Acceptance Trials (SATs)
  • Diagnostics trials to identify the cause of performance degradation
  • Technical documentation to assist of the demonstration of machinery to classification societies, vessel owners and flag state.
  • All vessel trials include full analysis with graphical results and technical recommendations.

Marine Power Systems also supply and service specialist equipment to monitor and trend vessel operating characteristics such as shaft power, fuel consumption and propulsion running parameters.